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Order of harvesting and processing storm-damaged timber – proceeding in Baden-Württemberg after "Lothar"

Different timber, different assortments, different quality. Before starting processing storm damages you should be clear about the best order of processing.

Strategies for storm damage management

How to find the best strategy for storm damage management? Several factors are to be considered. A reasonable way is to have a common strategy for all affected owners.

A storm event – first measures

Risk to life? Important roads are barred? Which measures should be taken first after a storm event?

A Queen with meaningful chances

The silver fir was elected "tree of the year 2004" and really deserves being the focus of interest in public and forestry.

A dangerous beauty with toxic fibres – the Giant Hogweed

The Giant Hogweed is one of the most famous plants whose importation turned out to be quite problematic. For solving these problems, the "Landesbund für Vogelschutz" offers some advice based on its own experience.

New plant and animal species – enrichment or threat to our forests?

It happens more and more often that new plant and animal species are involuntarily or artificially brought into new living spaces. This often has surprising effects. The forest as one of the most important cultivated surfaces in Germany is highly affected by such processes.

From the poplar to the wood chip

Costs of harvesting have a decisive influence on the economy of energy forests. An increased mechanisation is inevitable for optimising the expenses.

The Target Tree Management System

The Target Tree Management System has been designed as a decision helping tool in stands of any mixture and structure. For controlling the selected target trees, only few parameters (age, height and diameter) have to be estimated and compared to site-specific growth norms.

Alternative Stand Establishment in Mixed Oak Forests

Nest and small group planting as plot cultures was used to study alternative oak establishment methods.

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