Here you will find information about all the main functions and the most useful services available on

1. Waldwissen

To the left you will see the main navigation with four specialist topics. Under the heading Technology and Planning, you will find useful information about forest engineering, natural hazard management and forest inventories. The section Forest Management includes traditional forestry issues such as silviculture, forest protection, timber market and operational management. The section Forest Ecology provides information on forest soil, forest plants and animals, as well as on the functions of the forest. The state of knowledge on public relations, forest education and training will be shown in the category Learning and Teaching. The nearly 3000 items in these four categories are the core of our platform.

Under  In Focus  you will find dossiers. These are collections of articles that bring together the contributions of different topics and areas tailored to special needs. The sub-heading of "Did You Know?" contains extraordinary or topical posts with 'wow' factor around the forest. In addition, we have compiled a collection of forestry links.

2. My Waldwissen

During the update of in 2011, we have launched a new service: My Waldwissen. This includes a number of functions that will provide additional benefits. In order to be able to use the extra service functions in My Waldwissen you must be a registered user. This means that you will have to provide some personal data (name, e-mail address, year of birth, country of origin, language skills, occupational category). Your data will be kept strictly confidential and not passed on to third parties.

The log in area of "My Forestnet" is located on the top right hand side of the page (highlighted dark green). You can also register by clicking on the link Register now.  After completing the mandatory fields (marked with a*) please save your data. If you forgot your password, you can have it re-sent using the link Forgotten password?

My offers the following additional features:

On a personal My Waldwissen homepage you will see the latest three articles that recommends using the information from the interest configurator.  Additional recommendations can be found in Recommended articles (see below). Below are the last three articles you read. The complete list pops up after clicking on Recently viewed articles.

Recommended articles: Our Recommendation service screens the articles using the specific information given in your user profile. It then recommends articles which could be of interest to you. You can tailor this choice to your needs by selecting topic areas that interest you most, in the interest configurator.  The interest configurator can be accessed either through your profile using the link Configurate interests now or through Recommended articles (left navigaton bar). 

My favourites: Articles which you really enjoyed can be saved in your own favorites library. Later you can quickly find them again in order to re-read them, comment on them or rate them.  

The right to comment on articles is reserved for registered users only. Registered users are also informed as soon as new comments are posted on one of their tagged articles: for this we have provided the area Comments

Dossiers: You can also "subscribe" to Waldwissen dossiers. This means that will automatically inform you as soon as a new article is added to one of your tagged dossiers. Dossiers can be tagged either in the overview or directly in the dossier itself.

3. Services features available with every article.

These buttons can be found above and below every article.

to my favourites (only for registered users): Do you want to be able to find the article you are reading later on? Then click here and save the article in your own folders. Before you can save articles you must set up and name your folders. The settings can be adjusted by means of a pop-up.
print preview A version optimised for better readability is displayed here. By clicking on "print" on your browser the article will then be printed in this form.
recommend A click here opens a window allowing you to mail the article to colleagues, friends or even to yourself. Just enter the recipient’s e-mail and a short text, if required. Then click on "send".
tag comments (only for registered users): Click here to add an article to Tagged articles. You will be informed if a comment is added to an article or if it has been updated by the editorial staff. This allows you to choose which discussions you want to participate in. You can also see all your own comments.
write comments (only for registered users): You can comment on an article using a form field. Your comments will then be displayed under the article. Comments submitted by you will automatically appear under My Waldwissen in section  Comments.
rate article Did you like an article? Did you find it interesting? Then let us know your opinion about it by rating it. There are four ratings available: very interesting, interesting, not so interesting or not interesting at all.

4. Search

As can be expected with any large expanding library supplies an extensive search function. The input window is located on the right hand side of the navigation field. If you are already browsing in a topic, then you can choose to limit the search to this area.

If the input options are not sufficient please use the option Extended search. Here you have the possibility to refine your search parameters. Please remember that every limitation reduces the number of possible hits. Also, please refer to further information on this page regarding the logical linking of search words.

5. Sitemap, Impressum

The dynamic, linked sitemap allows  you a general overview of In the impressum you can also see our privacy policy, liability information and the terms of use, as well as other legal information.  

6. Contact

Have you any other questions, problems or criticisms? Please contact the editorial team of the relevant country. Contact information is located in the top right corner of every page under Contact. We would also appreciate it if you sent us your opinion on the new Internet appearance and any suggestions you have for improvement.