Education and training

Education and training

Not only during training but also afterwards forestry employees must stay „on the ball“. Otherwise new developments just pass on by. But however great the interest the amount of new innovations is enormous. Here you can find information about field trials, new courses, training courses, as well as recommended books.

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Dictionary Environment and Forestry

Beyond the scope of standard dictionaries you often cannot find relevant forestry terms. The "Dictionary Environment and Forestry" includes more than 30.000 terms related to environment and forestry.

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Synthetic Fiber Ropes for Forestry Use

Synthetic fiber ropes for forestry use are offered by several manufacturers. According to studies, fiber ropes offer a wide range of advantages in comparison to steel wire ropes. (54)
Book: Trees at their Upper Limit

The book "Trees at their Upper Limit" presents a complete modern synthesis of current knowledge on the ecophysiology of tree growth and survival on high mountains in Europe. (28)
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