Forest ecology

Forest ecology

The forest is more than just the sum total of all its trees and more than a producer of raw materials: it is a manifold habitat. Trees and bushes, fungi and lichens all grow here. Apart from game many other animals live in the forest. Nature conservation aims at protecting this variety as well as single species. In addition the forest is also used by us for recreation and relaxation. The interaction and reciprocation between the various elements in the forest eco-system provide the framework for an optimal fulfilment of all forest functions.

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About the Biology of the Eight-Toothed Spruce Bark Beetle Species

In Switzerland, the large spruce bark beetle causes the most damage economically among all forest insects. In order to take preventative action and control measures, profound knowledge about the life of these beetles is paramount.

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A Queen with meaningful chances

The silver fir was elected "tree of the year 2004" and really deserves being the focus of interest in public and forestry.

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The role of predators in Mythology

The mythological meanings of the fox, the lynx and the wolf are surprisingly manifold. Besides their known negative characteristics, very positive attributes are accredited to these animals. Recognizing these positive characteristics in myths may be a successful approach to the objective of stimulating the public’s acceptance of large predators. (36)
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