Climate change and CO2

Climate change and CO2

Due to climate change forestry and timber management are being faced with totally new questions. Under these changed growing conditions the forest should, in the long term, extract CO2 from the atmosphere and fix it in the wood.

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35 000 teabags buried for forest research

Scientists around the world have buried thousands of teabags to better understand the litter decomposition and carbon cycle process in forests.

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The forest in Bavaria as a carbon store

Forests make an important contribution towards climate protection by actively removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The carbon stocks in Bavarian forests are relatively high. But how high, exactly?

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Rising CO2 levels are changing how fast forests cycle water

With rising levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere transpiration of plants may be changing. A better understanding of this process is important because changes to the water cycle can affect flooding, soil moisture, river flow, and weather changes linked to climate change. (9)
Mapping the potential future ranges of tree species in the Alps

We have used a species distribution model (SDM) to predict how species ranges may shift in the Alps as a result of projected climate change. Here we focus on the potential future range shift for two species Fagus sylvatica L. (European beech) and Picea abies (L.) Karst. (Norway spruce).

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Climate change: Forests as a major keeper of greenhouse gases at risk of being lost entirely

Forests might lose their critical role as massive sinks for absorbing greenhouse gases. Climate change-induced environmental stresses threaten to damage forests and even decimate them worldwide.

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