Species protection

Species protection

Species protection deals with endangered animal and plant species which are classed as worth being protected.

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Income loss and work safety of the Habitat Tree Groups

Since 2010 habitat trees, habitat tree groups (HBG) and small-scale forest reserves have been designated and protected in the Baden-Württemberg state forest, as part of the Habitat Tree and Deadwood Concept (AuT). In order to increase the work safety HBGs are bundled.

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Energy wood and saproxylic species  – a dilemma

Wood offers considerable potential as a renewable energy source and as such, the federal government is keen to use more of it in the future. In this connection, however, it is important to keep in mind the needs of species for which deadwood is a habitat. (15)
Promoting lungwort through commercial use

Like many other indigenous lichen species lungwort is threatened. In Switzerland it is protected. However, lungwort would be better served if an ingenious plan was put into practice. A cough syrup producer is aiming at acquiring a collection permit.

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