Game management

Game management

A sustainable handling of wild animals and their habitats should be guaranteed within the framework of wild animal management. This includes the re-introduction of eradicated species and the management of habitats.

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Red deer management concept Southern Black Forest

The management concept has been implemented since 2008. The concept is based on extensive research conducted prior to the development process. The key element of this management concept is a spatial concept with regulations concerning not only recreational uses, but also hunting, forestry and habitat management.

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Do Wildlife Warning Reflectors Influence the Behavior of Roe Deer?

Every year, 260,000 wild animals are killed in road accidents. Eight-five percent of those animals are roe deer. In Germany, one accident involving wildlife happens every two minutes. Does the light stimulus of the blue reflectors minimize behavior of wildlife that leads to accidents? (22)
Scientific Research as a Basis for Red Deer Management Concepts

Red deer are the biggest free roaming herbivores in Germany. Thus, it is essential to manage such populations on a large scale. However, managing red deer is difficult due to the various types of forest ownerships, small scale hunting grounds, and inconsistent handling of game winter feeding sites.

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Beavers – landscapers with potential for conflict

In Switzerland beavers were wiped out in the 19th Century but they were reintroduced in 1956. Due to their long absence a large amount of knowledge about living with beavers was lost. In regards to conflict free cohabitation we once again have to learn how to live with the beaver. (23)
Capercaille Action Plan Switzerland

Capercaille require continuous and well structured areas of forest. However, forests are becoming darker and more uniform and pressure from leisure seekers is increasing. In order for capercaille to survive we have to act now.

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