Wood energy

Wood energy

Hardly any area has experienced such rapid growth, in such a short time, as the modern energy production using timber.

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The potential, opportunities and risks of using energy wood

The planned implementation of the energy transition is likely to place increasing pressure on natural resources. This raises the question of the potential, opportunities and risks associated with the use of wood for energy in Switzerland. (60)
Chipper Application when coping with Storm Damages

It is possible to use storm damaged timber for wood chip production. Whether the processing is profitable or not depends on different factors. (18)
East European Potential for Synthetic Gas Production out of Timber

Timber is becoming more important as a raw material for fuel. In which regions can timber be turned into fuel and transported to its end destination most economically? (22)
Wood – A versatile, renewable energy resource

Since the amount of energy wood is limited, the focus should be on the most valuable energetic uses. Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) has developed a method to transform wood into synthetic natural gas.

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