Forest sites

Forest sites

Forest site determination provide the silvicultural-ecological foundations for a near to nature forest management. Knowledge about the site requirements of a tree species is necessary for the development and maintenance of stable forest eco-systems.

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25 Years Conventwald Ecosystem Study

How does silviculture affect the forest soil? Since 1991 scientists observe and examine water and element cycles in the Conventwald in connection with different types of silvicultural management. This article depicts the study including current research results. (15)
The production capital forest soil

The forest soil is the base capital for all forms of forestry. The protection of the soil and the preservation of its production capability is an essential pillar of sustainable forest management.

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Effective medication or a harmless household remedy?

With liming, comparisons with human medicine are unavoidable since lime works like a strong medication on the soils and forests. Medications often have risks and side effects. Patients are to be informed of this before their use.

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